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Every person, time and place is different. You are not your mother, Saturday is not Monday and Nilsiä is not Punavuori. This is why every K is also different: a unique expression of itself and its customers. It’s because of this that you’ll get whatever you need, whenever you need it – even things you didn’t know to ask for. K surprises – positively – and improves the quality of your daily life for a remarkably reasonable price. 

Making shopping fun.

These guidelines will show you how the K brand is built in practice. The three cornerstones of the K brand are: “Personal”, “Inspiring” and “Responsible”. Follow them in everything you do. Visual consistency won’t take us very far if the message is wrong.

Customer Experience

At first glance, K could be seen as a kind professional who understands and appreciates individuality and has situational discretion. At its core, K wants to be a successful pioneer – the best in Europe. After all, K is genuine and talks to its customers as a friend.